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ATTENTION ‘Purpose-Driven’ Business Owners, Spirit-Oriented Entrepreneurs, and Success Seekers Who Are Ready To Create More Balance and MORE Abundance In Your Life...

Are YOU Ready To Tap Into The INCREDIBLE Power Of Your Body’s Brilliance; Eliminate YOUR Old Limiting Beliefs; Reach EVEN MORE People Through Your Business; Make More Money And Infuse JOY Into The Everyday Moments Of Your Life WHILE You Successfully Run Your Business? with Post_It Note on top

NOT Possible? Read on…

From: Krista Hearty
Monday 7:07am

Dear Success Seeker,

I know you are a person who is dedicated to your Business Success AND your Personal Growth, but the feeling of being rundown and exhausted leaves you wondering if something is missing.

So let me ask you... Do you...

picture of Krista

bulletStruggle to ‘Get it All Done’ AND look after your own needs? (Feeling a separation between looking after your business and yourself?)
bulletFeel like old Limiting Beliefs are preventing you from reaching that next Level?
bulletFeel disconnected from your body?
bulletFeel Exhausted and in need of an Energy boost?
bulletGet frustrated and lose patience when loose ends unravel?
bulletExperience physical symptoms of stress manifesting in your body? Such as:
  • Tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Low back pain
  • Headaches
  • Increased number of colds
  • Difficulty sleeping
Woman rubbing sore neck

Now, I’m going to venture that you are REALLY wanting and ready to…

bullet Learn easy to use tools that will increase your energy level, focus and productivity.
bullet Master a proven technique that eliminates old limiting beliefs and allows you create New Empowering Beliefs in their place.
bullet Strengthen the connection between your mind, body and soul.
bullet Tap into the power of your Body’s unique Energy System and discover how you can use this power to release the physical symptoms that you experience due to stress, overwhelm and just having too much to do.
bullet Increase your success and joy while decreasing your Stress and anxiety.
bullet Acknowledge and transform YOUR Beliefs that are outdated and no longer serve you.
bullet Integrate self care into you daily work routine so you can get it all done AND look after yourself.

As the creator of Body BrillianceTM Entrepreneur Energy Coaching, “Inner Peace ~Eternal Prosperity”, and “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” I have something VERY powerful to share with you that has changed the life course of so many successful seekers, including myself.

The “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” is a Group Coaching Program that is a transformative step by step process created to harness the healing, purifying, life-giving energy of YOUR Body’s unique Energy System in order to heal and strengthen your mind/body connection and open you up to a whole new world of energy and enthusiasm for a life infused with Joy!

Still Don’t Believe It Is Possible? Then You MUST Read On ...

Michael, Krista and Avery on boat at the lake

picture of Baeth Davis

“Krista has a special gift for helping you find the PEACE deep in your soul. Many of us live lives of adrenaline addiction, running from one place to another, putting out one fire after another, and living for the next ‘drama fix.’ This behavior has a terrible impact on one’s health, finances, relationships, self-esteem and quality of life. Krista will help you BUST your stress gently and firmly with her powerful guidance techniques. She is a true spiritual healer, with your health and happiness her soulful reward. She recently spoke at one of my live events and her calming effect on the audience was a beauty to behold. Are you ready for less stress and more peace? Krista can help you – especially if you think you’re ‘too busy’ for another program!”

~Baeth Davis, Tucson, Arizona

To really move to the NEXT LEVEL in your business and life Joyfully, you not only need to just understand this information intellectually you actually need to experience tapping into the incredible brilliance that your body holds. Then you need to learn how to apply it directly to your own life.

This is exactly why I created “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program”.

Learning to bring awareness to my breath and my body really has changed my life and it can do the same for you!

It allows you to become more present in everyday moments of your life which means that instead of spontaneously *Re-Acting* to everything that happens *TO* you, you are able to move through life much more intentionally and purposefully.

Krista on stage

Instead of being consumed by the urgent tasks that pop up daily you are able to focus on what’s Important. In fact, THE most important component of your business is actually YOU and that needs to be taken care of first!

You feel completely conscious and in control as you learn how to tap into this incredible energy system that is right inside of you and read the important signals your body provides you. It becomes clear that there is no separation between your work and your wellbeing. You no longer have to sacrifice you’re your health, family time, free time or self care in order to thrive in your business.

The system I created teaches you how to stay present, breathe, listen to your body and determine if and what type of movement will correct the imbalances that life’s lessons have left you with. Your body is equipped with amazing energy centers that so many people leave untapped. By exploring each of your energy centers (The Chakras) and implementing techniques from this program you become more Centered, Grounded and Energized which is important because you’re able to finally get out of your Head and into your Body and begin more easily acting from your Heart and Intuition instead of RE-ACTING to the urgent but not always important things that each day brings your way. This boosts your productivity and leaves you energized so you can enjoy ALL aspects of your life Fully and Completely!

I am a Certified Belief Closet Practicioner and and have incorporated this Brilliant Process into “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” beacuse it is absolutely life changing. The “BBBP” includes a thorough investigation of Limiting Beliefs and we work together to determine which core beliefs are at the root what is holding YOU back. The Belief Closet ProcessTM was created by Lion Goodman and it is a powerful, fun and highly effective technique that allows you to identify and eliminate the core beliefs and belief clusters that prevent you from stepping fully into YOUR Next Level of Success. You and I then work together to create New Empowering Beliefs that fully serve YOU and have you catapulting into Success.

Jennifer discusses her experience with the Belief Closet Transformation Process lead by Krista

Paula reveals the limiting beliefs that were interfering in her life and business and how she
transformed those beliefs with the help of Krista Hearty and the Belief Closet Process.

I developed this program using the process that I used while transitioning from being a teacher to an entrepreneur, moving out of a place of stress and frustration into a way of Being Connected and Joyful while still getting everything done! And I’ve figured out a way to deliver this system to you that allows you to truly physically experience your work with this powerful Energy System right in your own home. I have created the “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program”and now I am ready to share it with YOU!

In this one of a kind Group Coaching Process we will explore the wisdom held in your own body as you learn how to connect more easily with your breath and the messages your body is constantly providing for you. This is your most powerful resource, it already belongs to you, it is right inside of you, and it is designed perfectly and uniquely to provide YOU with the exact information YOU need to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

When I learned these valuable techniques I had to travel around the continent and leave my home and family for weeks at a time. The physical component to this program is critical to understanding and truly experience the Energy Centers that make up your Chakra System but I want you to incorporate it into your life without the separation from your daily activities so I have created a way for you to access this in the “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” right from your own home.

I have done this by including 7 videos of the physical postures and
exercises that correspond to each lesson.

With a new on line video every 2 weeks you explore the physical movements of the body that will help to balance each of Your Energy Centers and really learn to connect with your body on a new level. I am your personal coach in a bottle (well, your computer really!) You will have time to be in practice with these exercises while moving through the program and once you have downloaded them you can use them over and over again to continue your work even after you have completed the program so you can maintain Balance in your personal Energy System, Business and Life.

“The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” is specifically designed as a Group Coaching Program because I know firsthand the value and power you will experience when you have the collaboration of like-intentioned people focusing their energy and attention in a specific area and holding the space for each other. The Late, Great, Business Philosopher Jim Rohn said “We Are the Sum Total of the Five People We Spend The Most Time With” so think about what will happen when you surround yourself with like-intentioned, Purpose-Driven Seekers who are also taking action to transform their lives.

Get ready to change YOUR relationship with your Body, your Beliefs, your Breath AND… your Business!

As you increase your awareness of and attention to your breath you will find that it quickly becomes a habit to check in with yourself and adjust your breathing so that you are more effectively recharging and energizing your body on a consistent basis. As you bring more oxygen into your cells and organs (especially your brain) you allow them to easily function at their peak which leaves more energy for creativity and focus and that translates into greater productivity with less effort. I used to have asthma and after learning how to maximize the positive effects of my breath I don’t even have an inhaler in the house anymore.

Do you know this...

Throughout your life (especially growing up) you have experiences that leave one or more of your Chakras unbalanced. These experiences may have been physical, emotional or psychological and you don’t always consciously remember them. Even if you do acknowledge the issues that cause the imbalances usually you only deal with them on an intellectual and emotional level.

What often gets missed is your physical connection to the experience. I really want you to get this…All of your experiences are stored in your cells and even though you may have released their effects on many levels the imprint stays in your body. By bringing more awareness to your body and learning how to hear the messages it is giving you, you will move though a deeper layer and experience the next level of release (you usually don’t even know there is a next level until you uncover it!). Using the physical postures from the On-line Videos gives you extra supports as you explore this deeper place.

Here is a quick overview of what to expect from "The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program"

bullet Every two weeks over a 4 month period I will personally teach you how to tap into the brilliance of your body so you can learn how to read the signals that your body is giving you. Instead of just hearing the messages from your body you will actually be able to decipher them and use that knowledge to Transform limiting beliefs and reprogram patterns that are no longer serving you, freeing you up for more productive energy.
bullet You will discover areas where you have imbalances, what they represent, and how you can re-balance your energy system using physical postures and written or meditative exercises in order to maximize your Power, Energy, and Vitality!
bullet You will get One-on-One time with me as a Certified Belief Closet Practitioner to identify and hone in on the core beliefs that are holding you back and take those beliefs through The Belief Closet ProcessTM in order to eliminate them and create a New Empowering Belief in their place.
bullet In “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” you will become part of a highly motivated group of Entrepreneurs just like yourself who will hold the space for you to Up-level your life and your business.
bullet You will have an opportunity to share your experiences and breakthroughs with me and get coaching on how to best use your own lessons to maximize your personal power, create balance in your life, and skyrocket productivity in your business.

When I went through this process myself at first it was mostly unconscious and then I realized that there were specific things that I had learned and practiced that helped me create Balance in my life. I combined what I had learned about becoming an Entrepreneur and creating a business from scratch with lessons from yoga and my study of Beliefs and the Chakra System. Then I brought in my teaching expertise to create the “system” and lesson plans.

Because each of the Chakras is awakened during progressive stages of development in our life and the balance of one depends on the balance of the one before it a perfect Step- by- Step process was shown to me and I used that to create "The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program".

Here are Just Some of The Unique Systematized Steps of “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” That We Will Be Covering in Depth Together:

  1. Energy Management Essentials
  2. Return to Your Roots – The importance of Grounding for Growth
  3. Delving Into Desire – Using your Passions to elicit Change and Propel you Forward
  4. Positive Effects of Personal Power – Activating your Energy, Power, and Vitality
  5. Living a Life of Love and Abundance – Bringing Balance to your Heart Chakra
  6. Creating Clarity through Communication – Speaking and Hearing your Truth
  7. Imagination, Illusion and Intuition – Opening to Body Brilliance and Divine Guidance
  8. The Power of Consciousness in Creating Success – Harnessing the Energy of Intention
  9. Liberation and Manifestation – Raising your Spiritual Vibration and Manifesting Your Dreams into Reality!
picture of Fia Cadrell

Fia Crandall helps spiritually conscious women who have chosen to be "acceptable" over authentic out of fear, helping them to step up to their Bigger Purpose with Confidence.

Krista I'm so glad I was a part of “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” Group Coaching program. The most profound impact came when we got to the 3rd and 4th chakras. I had always thought I was in my power and never thought I had any issues there, I knew something was off in my heart but I never quite knew what. Through your program I found out I had an excess in both of these chakras. This was causing me to overcompensate for issues I have had since childhood that I was never even aware of until your program. I’ve now faced these issues and I feel very different now. I feel more whole and complete myself and I show up in my business feeling way more connected and authentic than ever. There's no underlying “meet my old unmet needs” agenda anymore, and I can finally just fully step up to my new bigger role.

There were so many other powerful shifts I experienced in this program that really impacted how I show up in my business and life and I feel much more confident, clear and connected to myself than ever. I have made some major changes to my schedule and my business plans for next year that really do honour me and what I need. This program was such a blessing to me and my business and I'm so grateful I took part in it. Thanks Krista!

~Fia Crandall

There are 7 “Body Brilliance Benefits” to This Program and Here is Exactly How You Will Experience Them…

Body Brilliance Benefit #1
Bi-Weekly 90 minute Group Training Calls

During the 13.5 hours of Training calls throughout the program you will learn to increase your awareness of and attention to your breath so it quickly becomes a habit to check in with yourself and adjust your breathing so that you are more effectively recharging and energizing your body on a consistent basis. This creates more energy for creativity and focus and that translates into greater productivity with less effort.

You will also learn how to read physical signals that are showing up in your body and practical tools and techniques that allow you to use that information to create Balance and Abundance in your body and all areas of your life.

You will learn how beliefs work in the subconscious and how to use the Belief Closet ProcessTM to eliminate and transform them.

The last part of each of these calls will be a Q&A session where you can ask specific questions and get laser coaching around how the material specifically applies to YOU. This is where the power of the group mind comes in as we access the Mastermind Portion of the program.

Body Brilliance Benefit #2
Energy Balancing Chakra Exercises

This is the part of the program that sets it apart from other coaching programs and makes it truly interactive and experiential. Because it involves a short segment of physical movement it accelerates your understanding of the chakra system and how it relates to your own body. This is where we move away from the intellectual realm and it is your opportunity to experience the chakras and balance them using postures, movement and meditation in whatever way serves you best.

You’ll receive 7 On-Line Videos of Chakra Postures and Exercises that you participate with in the privacy of your own home. Each video will be like a mini yoga class in your own home and is the closest thing you can get to a live experience without having to leave your family and business and have the expense of flying somewhere to experience this. At the end of the program you have a series of 7 videos that you can put together to create a full ongoing practice for yourself. This portion of the course is worth the investment all on its own.

Body Brilliance Benefit #3
Coach’s Requests, Resources and Exploration Exercises

During the 4 month program you will receive exploration activities and action items that will guide you through a process of applying what you learn in the program directly to specific areas of your own life and business. You will come away with a greater understanding of what your body is telling you and how you can use that information to bring more balance, Joy and Abundance to your life and your business.

Even if all of your chakras are fairly balanced you will discover something about yourself and your business at each Energy Center and these tools will help you integrate what you learn.

Body Brilliance Benefit #4
Private One-on-One Belief ClosetTM Sessions with Krista

You will receive one 60 minute Belief ClosetTM session and one 15 minute Follow up Private Coaching Session redeemable anytime during your 4 month program.

Body Brilliance Benefit #5
Training Call Recordings

Although being live on the calls is very important life sometimes springs things on us and this Benefit is here for that reason. If you miss a call for any reason you will be able to access it through a special "The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program" Member’s Only Website and listen to it whenever you like as many times as you need to.

You may also find that certain calls bring up something powerful for you and you’ll want to go back and listen to them again. Each of the 9 training calls will be recorded for you and posted on the website within 24 hours, remaining there for the duration of the program for your convenience. This means you will never miss any of the information no matter how busy life might get. It also means you can download the entire program for future use and use it over and over again.

Body Brilliance Benefit #6
Online Mastermind Coaching Group Email Forum and E-mail Coaching Support

This component of the program keeps you tapped into the power of the group mind. You will find support from like-Intentioned Master Mind Members who are going through the same process as you are. This is an incredible place to brainstorm, get feedback, get resources and stay accountable. You’ll have access to me and all of your peers in this easy to use private forum.

The connections and joint ventures that are made here could be life changing. This is the place where you can share your completed exploration activities and action sheets, ask questions, get support and guidance and stay energized. This is the best way to maintain your commitment to YOURSELF because it helps you stay in action and reinforces your Self-Care Schedule!

Body Brilliance Benefit #7
Two Chakra Clearing Bonus Calls with Guest Expert Angeline Johnson

Angelina Johnson Special guest expert Angeline Johnson will take you through her signature Violet Flame Clearing and alignment which will powerfully transform your energetic blocks and bring you closer to a state of balance. Angeline is a powerful conduit for spiritual healing energy pioneering new and exciting methods of high vibration healing. Her promise is to create an authentic spiritual experience you can return to.

picture of Jennifer Zwiebel

Dear Krista,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift of your guidance! The breathing techniques and guided meditations from "The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program created an opening, a calm, a grounding that I haven't experienced before. In the middle of my hectic day, sitting at my desk, I was able to hear your soothing voice encouraging me to breathe deeply, be present, and envision all of my scattered thoughts coming together.

The effects of the breathing and meditation were deep and instantaneous. They helped calm the fears I'd been having about my self-worth which you identified as being a 3rd chakra imbalance, and cleared the energy for me to take next steps towards shifting my inner beliefs and welcoming what I truly want into my life and my business. It was amazing how the fears I was feeling actually manifested in a physical way and you could help me hear my body's own wisdom by listening to me describe the feelings. I now know that when I feel knots in my stomach it might be a 3rd chakra Personal Power issue and when I feel that heart ache in my chest the imbalance might be around relationships or compassion associated with the 4th chakra.

You've made it so easy to use these tools, and to adapt them to my own needs. I will come back to them again and again, and have already recommended them to two friends! Thank you for creating something that speaks to both the spirit and the practical, and for bringing lasting change to people lucky enough to discover everything you have to offer.

With blessings,

~Jennifer Zwiebel, Intuitive Organizer

One More IMPORTANT Step For YOUR Success...

Before starting the “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” there is one additional step that will really serve you in maximizing your success with the program. This step is to strengthen the connection between your mind and your body.

This is why a very important part of the “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” is the “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity” Energy Management Kit. It’s also why you’ll receive this kit as a part of the program at no extra charge.

NBA 5 Time World Champion and Hall of Fame Basketball Legend James Worthy with Krista holding the first edition of the Stress Buster System

NBA 5 Time World Champion and Hall of Fame Basketball Legend James Worthy with me holding the first edition of “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity”. He knows how important proper breathing practices are!

The “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity” Energy Management Kit is a powerful series of tools you will use to harness the healing, purifying, life-giving energy of the breath in order to heal your body and strengthen your mind/body connection in order to lay the groundwork for further exploration into the power and knowledge of your body that is learned in the “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program”.

Inner Peace Eternal Prosperity Kit

Here’s what you AUTOMATICALLY receive and how you will benefit from The “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity” Energy Management Kit when you become a part of The “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program”:

Step 1: Detailed Audio and Visual Instructions
Virtual Lessons On Highly Effective Centering and Breathing Techniques
Training is provided by me directly to you via DVD so you can actually SEE exactly how to execute the posture and breathing techniques without guesswork. You will also receive the audios in CD format so you can use the techniques whenever you want, wherever you are even if you don’t have access to a DVD player. A few of the tools you will learn include: Centering DVD & CD image
bullet How to quiet the mind and centre your body in preparation for learning the breathing techniques
bullet Introduction into the breathing techniques, how and when they can be used, the benefits of each and what to be aware of
bullet Proper body positioning to get the maximum benefit from the techniques
bullet Instruction and demonstration of breathing techniques that calm your body and reduce stress, allowing you to physically release the tension in your body
bullet Instruction and demonstration of breathing techniques that create focus and clarity helping you to improve your productivity

Step 2: Relaxation and Creative Visualization Techniques

These relaxing guided visualizations that I have recorded help you unwind and let go of the day. This CD can be used after a workout, after a day of work or anytime you feel the need to refocus and have some “me time”. I have heard from many students that after listening to my recordings for a while they can trigger a relaxation response just by hearing my voice.

Relexation Techniques CD image
Step 3: Stress Reduction Hand Book Action Guide

This Action Guide is provided to help keep you on track to get the most out of the “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity” Energy Management Kit.

The hand book includes:

Action Guide
bullet An action guide to take you through the “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity” Energy Management Kit with ease.
bullet Written Transcripts for the centering exercises and breathing techniques for those visual learners who prefer to read material instead of hear it.
bullet Several articles on Stress and Stress Reduction to help you understand the risks involved with chronic stress and tips on how to lower those risks.

Here is What Insurance Agency Owner John has to say about how the tools in the “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity” Energy Management Kit (Formerly known as The Stress Buster System) helped him.

If the services in the “The Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” and “Inner Peace ~ Eternal Prosperity” Energy Management Kit resonate with you then please take a few minutes to check in with yourself and follow your inner guidance and any signals you may get from your body regarding your next steps. I truly want this to be a perfect effortless match.

I’ve also got something VERY special to honour those people who know that they are ready to get started transforming their life and business right away!

You will get an extra $918.00 of FREE Email Coaching and extra support from Body BrillianceEntrepreneur Energy Coach Krista Hearty

Be one of the first 5 “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” Members from this Teleclass and Receive these FREE Bonuses...

FREE Bonus #1: A 15- Minute Body Brilliance Activation Bonus

Use this call anytime before or after you begin the “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” to ask me anything you like and get laser like focus with 15 minutes of my undivided attention.

This is perfect if you need some support around your energy management or you would like to go deeper on something that comes up for you during the program.

FREE Bonus #2: Three Months of VIP-Head-of-The-Line-Email Coaching

woman sitting in chair

This means you get access to me via my private email address for questions or support anytime during the “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” and it even extends beyond the time will be together in the program. You will be a VIP client and your email will go straight to the top of my list giving you priority over any of my other clients for a full three months.

FREE Bonus #3: ‘Present Moment’ Meditation CD

A guided meditation that allows you to connect into your personal power center while collecting all the parts of yourself that have been drawn in different directions leaving your feeling scattered. This is a great tool that you can use over and over again whenever you need some extra energy management strategies or just need a few minutes to yourself.

woman lying in grass

FREE Bonus #4: Time Management for Stress Reduction Interview With Michael McLean (GKIC 2009 Marketer of the Year)

Ali and Michael

In this Expert Guest interview Krista talks with Michael McLean (GKIC 2009 Marketer of the Year) about how he gets it all done. In this interview, Michael and Krista discuss the keys to managing your time so you can maximize your productivity and RELEASE stress. Listening to this interview alone will skyrocket Your Productivity!

picture of Cindy Hudson

I have been a part of Krista's BBBP and I have learned so much. Even though I knew a lot about my body and chakas before the class, Krista presented information and practical techniques that was way beyond what I knew. Krista delivers in depth subject matter each week, in a simple and easy way so you can apply to your life immediately.

I was especially moved by the information I learned during the weeks we studied chakras 3 and 4. In fact, I shifted during and immediately after the call to such an extent that my body was feeling things that I had not tapped into since I was young. With Krista's help and expert guidance I was able to understand and release some deep hurts that had resided for so long that the limited beliefs associated with the pain had caused major problems in my life for years. I was able to let go of the pain on a deeper level and get understanding of the beliefs that had manifested as chaos and insecurities that I have been working on for a long time. The release was deep and palpable.

I highly recommend Krista's “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” not only for the information but the results and benefits you receive to move you forward in your life.

~Cindy Hudson, Transformational Coach,

picture of Joanna Lindenbaum

Through the BBBP, Krista guided me to connect deeply - more than I ever had - to my 1st or root chakra. For me, this chakra is all about feeling safe and secure in the world. The grounding or rooting to safety, to the earth beneath us. I had never realized how important this was to the success of my business. Through the process of really connecting in and exploring what was going on in my first chakra, I came to really understand how fearful I was that things might just fall apart at any moment. In other words: I didn't believe in a secure grounding, especially in my business. The exercises and insights that Krista provided allowed me to lay down a firmer framework and grounding, and now when I think about the future of my business, it feels secure and fully rooted. I am so grateful!"

“Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program has revolutionized the way I approach my business...and my life! Through Krista’s masterful direction, I uncovered and moved through internal blocks that have held me back from the fullest expression of my success. If you are looking for a soulful and intuitive approach to building your business and making heart-centered decisions about it, then this is the program for you!”

~Joanna Lindenbaum

**Be Empowered. Be Inspired. Be Big.**

picture of Dianna Amorde

“The BBBP program is packed with wisdom and practical and easy-to-follow activities and techniques to open up your awareness to the power of your chakras, body, and entire energy system. Krista makes it easy to absorb and participate at your own pace, so you don’t have to worry if you fall behind. I’m still catching up and reaping the benefits. My heightened awareness of my blocks convinced me to join a yoga program for the first time and to use simple breathing techniques and body movements to bring peace and clarity when I need it most. I recommend this program highly for anyone ready to reach their full potential in any area of their life.”

~Dianna Amorde
Author, Aha! Moments: When Intellect & Intuition Collide. How to Use the Power of Aha! Moments to Make Better Decisions.

picture of Caroline Douglas

I really appreciate Krista’s program. I became more aware of parts of myself in new ways. The movement exercises were great.

Also, I seemed to experience each chakra in depth as we went through them. The program gave me a structure in which to observe where I spend most of my time. I found that I had more space to be me.

I really appreciated Krista’s calming and grounded energy. Thank you Krista!

~Caroline Douglas – Artist

So Are YOU a Good Fit for This Program (This Program Is NOT For Everyone)?

You may be a good fit for the“Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” if you...

bulletAre an Ambitious and Successful in your Life’s Work but feel the effects of exhaustion and stress creeping into your life.
bullet Are ready to ‘Have it All’ Joyfully while removing the separation between looking after yourself and your business
bulletAre ready for a transformation in your life and your business.
bulletAre absolutely ready to do the inner exploration and outer work necessary to bring your life back into Balance so you can Joyfully experience your highest level of success.
bulletHave an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude and truly believe that you deserve consciously created, intentional Self- Care!
bulletRecognize that as you learn how to tap into your Body’s Brilliance and read the signals you will start to flourish in all areas of your life and your success will be multiplied.
bulletReady to believe it is all Possible!

You will NOT be a good fit for the “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” if you...

bulletAre not ready to commit to creating or increasing the space for Self-Care in your life and the benefits it can bring you.
bullet Are not ready to experience your highest level of Success without jeopardizing your Wellbeing (This truly is the case sometimes).
bulletAre a Whiner or Complainer and have a tendency to blame everything on external circumstances or other people and make excuses for everything.
bullet Have trouble honouring your commitments and often struggle to be on time.
bulletHave difficulty accepting change in your life.
bullet Insist on holding on to old beliefs and patterns that are comfortable but are not serving you and are holding you back from fulfilling your life purpose.

The Next Program Starting Date is...

OK Krista, I’m ready to start tapping into the wisdom of my body and I want to eliminate Limiting Beliefs, Tap Into My Power, Energy, And Vitality so I can live in Balance and Enjoy my Abundance…

BIG QUESTION: What is My Investment for The “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program”
Four (4) Month Group Coaching Program?

I have come to realize that on top of my ultimate life purpose continuing to become more Conscious, my immediate life purpose is to assist as many people as possible in doing the same thing by tapping into the Brilliance of your Body so you can Further Open Your Heart, Reach Even More People Through Your Business, Create More Balance And Infuse JOY Into The Everyday Moments Of Your Life WHILE You Successfully Run Your Business.

So, I wanted to price this to make it affordable to everyone that applies to so the program is filled with 100% of the exact right people.

The entire “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” is available to you for only $338.50/month for four months.

Plus you’re protected by my “Gotta Love it Guarantee”!

100% Guarantee I'm confident that when you join “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program”, you will be thrilled with the content in the Training Calls, Videos, Forum, and Private Coaching. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will start transforming your life and your business.

So to back that up, I’ll give you until the end of the 2nd Training call to connect and practice with the work and REALLY decide if it’s for you … in your heart (That’s a whole Month!). If you decide it’s not for you … just let me know and you’ll get a full refund. No reason needed. This is how much I believe in and know the power of this work.

So are you ready to reserve your space?

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Yes Krista! I am ready to make these huge shifts, Release my Limiting Beliefs, and Create more Balance in my life so I can Truly Enjoy my Abundance!

I understand I'm going to get the complete “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” and Here is exactly What’s Included:


Plus I know I'm protected by Krista’s “Gotta Love It” Guarantee.

If you are ready to do this, it is time to commit NOW!

***Here’s The Catch: There truly are ONLY 20 spots available in this program and almost half of those spots are already filled with members of the “Body Brilliance” community. Once those seats are taken the program will be closed, and this is something I am fully committed to. This is also the very last time I am running this program so if it resonates with you I invite you to take action now.

As I mentioned, the power of the group mind is incredible but the number of people in that group must be just right. The perfect number for this program is 20 and I will NOT go over that number even by one so I can maintain the perfect balance in this group. With this small number of Pupose-Driven Entrepreneurs it will be so intimate that it will be like you are receiving private coaching for a fraction of the cost. I am very dedicated to serving you to my highest ability and any more than 20 people would make it difficult for me to keep that promise.

So, reserve your spot right NOW in the “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” Group Coaching Program and receive your Stress Buster System right away!

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You will get an EXTRA $918.00 of Email Coaching and extra support from Entrepreneur Energy Coach Krista Hearty Absolutely FREE!

Be one of the first 5 “Body BrillianceTM Blueprint Program” Group Coaching Members and Receive all BONUSES Free!

I can’t wait to connect with you and get started with our coaching! Remember that space is limited so register now.

Breathe, Believe, Receive!

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Krista Hearty,
Entrepreneur Energy Coach

P.S. Remember some wise words from Jim Rohn. “It doesn't matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.”

P.P.S. Are you feeling drawn to this program but you still have few more questions and would like to speak to me personally before you get started?

If so, go ahead and register for the program so you are sure to hold your spot and get access to the Free Bonuses then email me at with the subject line “Discovery Call” to set up a time to have a one-on-one Body Brilliance Discovery Call directly with me (if you decide the program is not for you after our call we’ll completely refund your investment right away).

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee of results.

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