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Happy Summer [fname]!
Baeth and Krista hugging
Can you feel the LOVE in this Hug?
I can of course because I was on the receiving end
of it and every time I see this photo of my dear
friend Baeth Davis congratulating me moments
after my Wedding I can actually feel the energy I
felt that day and the Love I experienced in this embrace.
Baeth has a LOT of gifts and sharing her Love with those she cares about is one of the most powerful! I’m not a hand analyst expert like she is but I know that this ability must be a part of her Life Purpose and the Gifts that are coded in her hands.
Her Life Purpose is “Authentic Business + Spirituality in the Spotlight” and every time I’ve witnessed her share her gift (even if there are hundreds of people in the room) I’ve felt that same Loving Energy that I experience in the moment captured in this photo.
I’ve been very blessed to have been a speaker at her last 2 Live Events and I’ll tell you…what I learned at these Events from Baeth and her team has been invaluable and has changed my life.
Krista at life purpose summit
During Baeth's first event I learned my own Life Purpose (Creative Expression in the Spotlight…who knew?) and what my gifts and lessons were. It was so amazing to learn how to actually harness those gifts and use them to serve my clients and my community. You can see in this photo how everyone at this speakers table (Mary Kay Morgan, Myself and Ali Brown) is so intent on what we were learning. I had a full binder of notes when I left this event.
Recently Baeth has been teaching me something new. She says that along with these gifts that we each have come some penalties that often leave us feeling blocked or stuck. And she always has amazing insight into how I can actually FACE these penalties so I can access my gifts more often. Speaking of Gifts….this was her unique Wedding Gift to me. Hang gliding in the Dominican Republic! Luckily neither of us has a fear of heights as one of our penalties.
Do you ever feel like you might be coming up against some of those penalties?
Do you sometimes feel confused and/or stuck in your work or personal life?
Do you just wish you could figure out what it is that is blocking you from moving forward?
Because you KNOW once you figured it out there would be no stopping you?
Well, I am glad you opened this Video Tip Today! Because THIS is the right place to find out the 'BIGGER WHY!'
As you may know...Baeth is known as 'The Palm Pilot For The Soul Of Your Business.' And I’m so excited that she is hosting a FREE Tele-Seminar Series on 'Discovering the 5 Top Penalties Holding You Back From Living Your Purpose with Passion, Profit and Service! And Figure Out What To Do About It!' (I’ve already signed up for it and can’t wait to listen in).
Yes, you read that right! A FREE Call Series!
Baeth is hosting 5 calls on this Topic!
If you already know Baeth, than you know she will be shelling out LOADS of FREE content about this Topic.
If you don't know Baeth, this is a GREAT opportunity to get to know her and her passion about finding and living your Life Purpose!
I encourage you to join Baeth on her FREE Tele-Seminar Series!
You can go here to gain INSTANT ACCESS to these FREE calls:
Uncover Your Penalties - Baeth's video
“Uncover Your Penalties”
On her FREE, content-rich preview tele-seminar series, you are going to discover:
  • The 5 top penalties that are holding you back in every area of your life - and you don't even know it!
  • The common obstacles or blind spots to identifying these penalties and getting out of the 'penalty box'
  • Why the appearance of these penalties is the beginning of your breakthrough
  • The authentic GIFTS these penalties reveal
  • Why you MUST face your penalties to access and use your gifts!
Penalties appear in our lives when we are not using our gifts. Your hands reveal as many as 17 individual gifts! Imagine finally understanding that your pain is actually your doorway to Passion, Profit and Service...
Well imagine no more and make it a reality!
Go HERE NOW to REGISTER for this ground-breaking original call series:
“Uncover Your Penalties”
I realize it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from me as I’m taking some time off this summer but this is so important to me that I had to come in from the cottage to share it with you. Because I’ve been at the cottage I’m getting this info out to you a little later than I would have liked and some of the calls have already happened. BUT...don’t worry.
Baeth will send you a link as soon as you register so you can hear ALL the calls in this one-time ONLY series! Just sign up now:
“Uncover Your Penalties”
See you there!
Breathe, Believe, Receive!
P.S. As I was writing this and finding the photos to go along with it I was reminded once again about what a genuine and committed friend Baeth has been to both Michael and I.
I’ve learned over the years that the energy and commitment she has for our friendship is a complete reflection of the energy and commitment that she has for her business, her clients and everything she does in her life!
Even though we live in different countries and on opposite sides of the continent we see each other more than I see some of my friends who live in the same town! She consistently makes the effort and goes out of her way to be a part of what is going on in our lives.
In just the past year and a half she has come to our cottage at Otty Lake, joined us in Boston for Michael’s Birthday, Masterminded with us in Baltimore, invited me to speak at her event in Arizona and then met me a few weeks later for a road trip to hike in Sedona. And she was one of very few friends who stopped what they were doing to join us in the Dominican Republic for our wedding.
If it is important to you to surround yourself with genuine, caring people who are serving others and changing the world then I’d highly recommend tuning into this teleseries.
“Uncover Your Penalties”
P.P. S. Here are a few photos I found from our adventures over the past year or so and I thought I’d share them with you...
After Dancing like crazy at Baeth’s Live Event VIP Party last year (Baeth, Ali Brown, Michelle Weimer, and myself)
After Dancing like crazy at Baeth’s Live Event VIP Party last year (Baeth, Ali Brown, Michelle Weimer, and myself)
    Boston Red Sox Game
Boston Red Sox Game
After a hike in Sedona
After a hike in Sedona
    Out for dinner at our resort in Punta Cana before the wedding
Out for dinner at our resort in Punta Cana before the wedding
Dancing with my mother-in-law and Captain Gorge on our dinner cruise during the rehearsal partyDancing with my mother-in-law and Captain Gorge on our dinner cruise during the rehearsal party   The day of our WeddingThe day of our Wedding
Where's Krista
July: Otty Lake, Ontario: Taking time off to enjoy the cottage
August: Otty Lake, Ontario: Celebrating our Marriage with a Lakeside Reception
September 7-9, 2011: Phoenix, Arizona, for “Gifted!”, Baeth’s Live Event (check it out here: "Gifted"
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