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I’m in the midst of my “Month-O-Travel" and really enjoying all the incredible places and people that I’m meeting! The second leg of my journey was to Elkins Estate just outside of Philadelphia. I was there meeting with my teachers and mentors and WOW have I come away with some amazing growth and learning.

This past week was very powerful and I was able to go even deeper into my own exploration of the Energy Management and Healing and the field of Transforming Limiting Beliefs. I’m 100% committed to constant and never ending learning and growth and that is why I’m travelling so much this month to be with my own personal mentors so I can continue to bring the Body Brilliance Community the latest Tips and Techniques to create Balance and Abundance in your lives.

In today’s Body Brilliance™ Video Tip one of my own teachers is our Guest Expert. Glenn Hartelius Ph.D, founder of “Attention Dynamics” ( has very simple yet powerful tools to share with you.

Body Brilliance Video Tip #3

Breathe, Believe, Receive!


Where's Krista

September 28 – Oct. 4: Sedona, AZ: Soaking up some “Vortex” Energy and meeting with my Elite Mastermind Sisters.

October 26- 30: Chicago, IL: Michael is hosting his ULTIMATE Renegade Marketing PRIVATE 2-Day “Closed Door” Mastermind Event in down town Chicago. I’ll be there making sure things run smoothly.

November 10 – 14: Baltimore, MD: GKIC Information Marketing Summit.

About Krista

Krista is an Entrepreneur Energy Coach and the creator of Body Brilliance™ Entrepreneur Energy Coaching - A business that helps spirit-oriented and purpose-driven Entrepreneurs tap into the wisdom of their body in order to create lives and businesses that are full of Balance so they can truly enjoy their Abundance.

Through her Live Group Coaching Program “The Body Brilliance Blueprint Program: Creating Abundance in Your Business and Life”, her Home Study Program “Inner Peace~ Eternal Prosperity: Harnessing the Power of your Breath,” and other products Krista teaches her students to strengthen their mind/body connection and tap into the power of the breath and wisdom of their body in order to reduce stress, increase focus and reach their highest level of Success.

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You can learn more about Krista’s programs at

Body Brilliance Entrepreneur Energy Coaching
64 Garden Ave. Perth, Ontario, Canada, K7H 3R5

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