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In this week’s Body Brilliance Video Tip I give you the *low down* on Limiting Beliefs and what you can do to Dis-Create them and then create new Empowering Beliefs in their place.
I also share some personal decisions that I have made and what support I used to help me follow my desires and make my dreams come true. My Dog Avery is in this Video Tip too since it was walk time (She thought the topic should be “Creating Balance by Walking Your Humans”). She lay down part way through so she could concentrate on her own beliefs.
Body Brilliance Video Tip #6
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Which Beliefs are Holding You Back?
Are you a Conscious, Entrepreneurial Soul, following your passion and purpose in order to make a Huge difference in this world? Do you feel like you are on the verge of stepping into your full Brilliance – at the Tipping Point of creating the business and life of your dreams, but something keeps showing up that prevents you from making that next BIG Leap?
If this sounds like you then you won’t want to miss the F.ree Body Brilliance Interactive Telecoaching Class I’ve designed for you. On this call I’ll be helping you identify the Core Limiting Beliefs that might be running on autopilot in your mind left over from an outdated operating system that may have formed as far back as childhood.
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If these beliefs are left to continue operating in your subconscious they will prevent you from Stepping-Up your game and make it very difficult to even continue at the level you have already achieved. You end up working much harder than necessary because you keep hitting obstacles and then you start to feel exhausted, overworked and stressed. You find that your self-care routine goes out the window and you end up only able to deal with the urgent tasks of your business instead of what is truly important. When this lack of Balance seeps into your life it can end up not only affecting your business but also your relationships, your family and your social life.
I’ve got the solution and have recently shared some of these Body Brilliance Energy Management tools with audiences at Baeth Davis’ Life Purpose Summit and at the Glazer-Kennedy 2010 Marketing and Money-Making Super Conference.
I’ve created this F.ree Coaching Class as an opportunity for YOU to learn more about which beliefs might be holding YOU back and to experience some of my Body Brilliance Energy Management techniques right from your own home!
The Class is Called: "7 Proven Steps to Release Limiting Beliefs and Step Into Increased Success"
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Breathe, Believe, Receive!
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Krista is an Entrepreneur Energy Coach and the creator of Body Brilliance™ Entrepreneur Energy Coaching - A business that helps spirit-oriented and purpose-driven Entrepreneurs tap into the wisdom of their body in order to create lives and businesses that are full of Balance so they can truly enjoy their Abundance.
Through her Live Group Coaching Program “The Body Brilliance Blueprint Program: Creating Abundance in Your Business and Life”, her Home Study Program “Inner Peace~ Eternal Prosperity: Harnessing the Power of your Breath,” and other products Krista teaches her students to strengthen their mind/body connection and tap into the power of the breath and wisdom of their body in order to reduce stress, increase focus and reach their highest level of Success.
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