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Happy 2011 [fname]!
I know….I know… It’s a little late in January for New Year wishes but as you are aware things at Body Brilliance™ are shifting and I’m still using this powerful time of year to prepare for this incredible year to come. And you can too!
I’ve been busy Coaching my private Mentor Clients and Body Brilliance Blueprint Members, doing lots of Yoga, Meditating, preparing for my adventure to India with Habitat for Humanity (in just 2 weeks!), and planning our wedding. We took a trip to the resort we are getting married at to finalize all the details and loved it! We even met the photographer and he did an excellent job on our engagement photos. (Here are a couple) I’m getting very excited about it all!
What’s Up For 2011?
This year Your Body Brilliance Video Tip will feature Special Guest Experts who I sense will bring you the most relevant and valuable tools, techniques and tips for tapping into your Body and your Intuition in order to create a life full of Balance and Abundance.
Because I am only introducing you to experts who I know personally and trust or have worked with myself, and I know that your inbox is inundated with wonderful eZines that you never have time to read you’re only going to receive the Body Brilliance Video Tip when I have something extremely valuable to share with you. Like today!
In this week’s Body Brilliance Video Tip I bring you *The* person who has had the greatest influence on me in my business to date! She has been my private coach and mentor for the past 3 years and I would not be where I am today without the brilliant insights and incredible guidance that I have received from her. My Coach Heather Dominick has recorded a special video message just for YOU the Body Brilliance Community and I’m very excited for you to see what she is up to. Click the image below to receive her Video Tip.
**Special Note: Heather made this for you while I was away on my trip and I didn’t get it to you on time so the date she mentions for the second call in her series is already past but don’t worry because you’ll get the 1st two recordings as soon as you register. bad! -):
Click Here to Register for Heather’s 3 part Teleseries
Your Spiritual Soul-ution™ For Marketing Success
What is this all About?
Heather has a totally unique approach to marketing success and it's what she calls "Your Spiritual Soul-ution™ For Marketing Success." It's all about what she did (and does) differently than everybody else that caused her to not only go from generating just barely $70,000 one year to $250,000 the next (and now into high six-figures) but also to be in alignment with not just her purpose, but her Soul's mission, consistently and to feel completely confident at the same time (and you know what - it's what SO many others actually told her she couldn't do. But that's Heather, her approach is 100% unique and the real-deal.)
Check it out here: Your Spiritual Soul-ution™ For Marketing Success
This is a powerful formula that shows you how to redirect your soul energy into your business while using marketing structures and methods that have been tried, true and tested (this is called the action of the Law of Adaptation).
It's unlike anything out there. It is what Heather refers to as the partnering of the energetical with the practical.
Here's just a bit of what you're going to learn on this aligned marketing success (and somewhat scandalous) tele-training:
* Simple steps to setting up an income generating plan that works
* Why your uniqueness is truly your best asset and ways to translate this into an energetic marketing message so your clients are blessing you as they pay you!
* Determining what really is the best marketing for you
7 (yes, seven) common mistakes healers, coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs make with their marketing (and what you can do instead!)
* What you want to be sure you have in place so that your entrepreneurial journey is one of freedom, not frustration
And more!
Heather is going to share insights into creating an aligned marketing plan that she has never shared publicly (the same one she has used to take her own spiritual company to be right on the verge of the million dollar mark in just 4 short years) - until now.
Heather is on a personal mission to support as many healers, coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs as possible to put down the sword, stop the daily inner battle (you know the one where you beat yourself up for not being able to figure it out or do enough to get it right) and learn how to let your soul lead you to true marketing and wealth success.
It's what she calls WHOLE PROSPERITY.
And she is ready to share it with you.
Please accept my invitation to join her on PART 3 of a powerful FR.EE 3-Part Tele-Journey (I’ll be listening in to the recording on my 48 hour journey to India!):
"7 Proven Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan as a Healer, Coach or Heart-Centered Entrepreneur That Is Aligned With Who You Are. (Starts Working Instantly and Breaks You Through Whatever Income Ceiling You're Smacked Up Against!)
Join Heather: February 10th, 2011 at 1pm EST
Click Here to Register: Your Spiritual Soul-ution™ For Marketing Success
It is Heather's intention that this preview tele-training will truly be an opening of your heart, mind and soul. You will receive such a shift - or more than one about what's been holding you back up until now and you will truly expand into a whole new way of BEING in business for yourself (more peace, prosperity and FUN!!)
You want to be sure to reserve your FR.EE spot on this powerful, business altering call (I know there is limited seating and Heather is expecting over 1000+ folks to be joining her for this incredible tele-training).
Enjoy... And Breathe, Believe, Receive!
P.S. I know Heather will also be sharing a special something-something on the call only for those who are there live (She really just loves giving gifts and surprises - that's one of the things I really appreciate about her!) So be sure to get your spot, mark your calendar and be ready to grab a front row seat!
Click Here to Register: Your Spiritual Soul-ution™ For Marketing Success
Where's Krista
February 10 – March 2: Mumbai, India for a Habitat For Humanity Global Village Build (watch for an invitation to receive my video blog while I’m on this life changing trip)
March 30 & 31: Tampa Bay, Florida to Host Michael’s Renegade Insurance Marketing Mastermind
May 1 – 8: Getting Married in the Caribbean! Whooooo!
About Krista
Krista is an Entrepreneur Energy Coach and the creator of Body Brilliance™ Entrepreneur Energy Coaching - A business that helps spirit-oriented and purpose-driven Entrepreneurs tap into the wisdom of their body in order to create lives and businesses that are full of Balance so they can truly enjoy their Abundance.
Through her Live Group Coaching Program “The Body Brilliance Blueprint Program: Creating Abundance in Your Business and Life”, her Home Study Program “Inner Peace~ Eternal Prosperity: Harnessing the Power of your Breath,” and other products Krista teaches her students to strengthen their mind/body connection and tap into the power of the breath and wisdom of their body in order to reduce stress, increase focus and reach their highest level of Success.
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You can learn more about Krista’s programs at
Body Brilliance Entrepreneur Energy Coaching
64 Garden Ave. Perth, Ontario, Canada, K7H 3R5
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