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Michael and Krista wedding
Thank you Body Brilliance™ Community for all of your support and well wishes over the past month. Michael and I had a fabulous Wedding Celebration in the Dominican Republic two weeks ago and we are loving married life! Check out the short video below if you are interested in seeing some of the photos.
Over the past five and a half years our friendship has grown and our partnership has been strengthened as we both continue to focus on the power our relationship has when we think of ourselves as a TEAM. We support each other in all that we do whether it is something we are working on together or an individual project for one of our businesses, charities, or other hobbies.
We also make sure to give each other room to indulge in our own separate hobbies as well as occasionally joining the other in an activity that might not be our first choice for fun but we know it pleases the other and we have fun when we are together (I don’t think I’d attend as many hockey or baseball games if it wasn’t for Michael). Our relationship truly is a Partnership and as you know partnerships need conscious attention, love, and patience.
Krista and Michael wedding on beach
Please click on the image to view the short slide show of our wedding photos
Something we learned a long time ago from Gay Hendricks that has really helped us is strengthen our partnership and bring us to this strong point in our relationship is that “Healthy responsibility is defined as taking 100 percent responsibility for yourself while inspiring others to take 100 percent responsibility.” If each person only puts in 50% effort or takes 50% responsibility in a relationship the result never adds up to 100%.
When Michael and I found each other we were both happy, fulfilled people who found joy in life and felt complete on our own. We have never relied on the other person to “make” us happy although being in each other’s company certainly is a source of happiness and when one of us is feeling low the other often brings the balance back.
We do not take responsibility for the others happiness nor their entertainment, although we are conscious about how are decisions effect one another. That’s not to say we don’t have our ups and downs but basically it’s all about each taking 100% responsibility and being Conscious in our Partnership.
To maintain that Consciousness in our Partnership we use many tools that we have gathered from many teachers over the years. Among those teachers some of the most powerful tools like “The Relationship Catalyst” come from Gay and Katie Hendricks and I’m very excited about their upcoming F.ree Telesummit “The Consicous Partnering Conference 2011” happening next week (Please see the recommendation section below for details).
Another one of my favorite tools that we use is the BeliefCloset™ Process and since I’m a Certified Practitioner, any time we notice that lower level Limiting Beliefs are affecting us I can take us through the process, Dis-create the Belief that is causing the issue and then we can create a new Empowering Belief to support us. This is a very powerful process that I use widely with my clients and see life changing results with. I have a Special Spring BeliefCloset Cleanse Package available now if you are struggling with Limiting Beliefs and are ready to finally release them once and for all.
Click here to learn more: Special Spring BeliefCloset™ Cleanse Package
Breathe, Believe, Receive!
Krista Recommends
There are several awesome (and Complimentary) Telesummits happening over the next couple of weeks and these are two of the best that I’m personally signed up to take part in.
I’ve got a lot of listening to do and I recommend you sign up for these, review the experts and their topics and pick the sessions you’ll attend based on what resonates with you the most.
The Intuitive Intelligence Summit with Paula Gregorowicz
The First-Ever Intuitive Intelligence™ Telesummit
Have you ever struggled to try to make the “right” decisions for your career, life and business?
Well, my good friend and colleague Paula Gregorowicz has felt this too and this is why she is hosting the world’s first-ever Intuitive Intelligence™ Telesummit starting May 23rd. She wants you to be her guest as she brings together a dozen leading experts from North America to learn about how to breakthrough this struggle to greater freedom and far more satisfying results (This event is complimentary at no cost to you! (AND 6 of my good friends including my own Mentor Heather Dominic are the leading experts!).
Intuitive Intelligence™ is about harnessing the power of your intuition and your intelligence for exponentially richer experiences and greater results.
This is why Paula has personally hand-picked a dozen leading experts from North America to help you in activating your own Intuitive Intelligence™ in all areas of your life and career. For the first-time ever this powerful group will be together, coming to you live via phone over the course of 2 weeks to share with you their expertise in everything from soul’s purpose to image to relationships to your physical space. You will literally be activating your own personal power simply by making the choice to join us for this special time together.
All you have to do is step forward to register for the Intuitive Intelligence™ Telesummit at All it takes is one step, one moment of your time, and a willingness to open to the possibilities. I have a comfy virtual chair reserved just for you to be a part of this very special event, so please step up to claim it and I’ll see you there!
The Conscious Partnering Conference 2011
As I mentioned above “The Consicous Partnering Conference 2011” is a f.ree online event happening the week of May 23rd-27th with incredible speakers such as Gay & Katie Hendricks, Riane Eisler, Gary Zukav, Gangaji , Deva Premal and Aqeela Sherrills - all sharing how you can create amazing relationships in all areas of your life.
It’s all on the phone, and you can participate in as many sessions as you like. Or download the recordings if you can’t make the live calls.
Learn more here: Conscious Partnering Conference 2011
It should be fantastic, and I hope to see you there!
About Krista
Krista is an Entrepreneur Energy Coach and the creator of Body Brilliance™ Entrepreneur Energy Coaching - A business that helps spirit-oriented and purpose-driven Entrepreneurs tap into the wisdom of their body in order to create lives and businesses that are full of Balance so they can truly enjoy their Abundance.
Through her Live Group Coaching Program “The Body Brilliance Blueprint Program: Creating Abundance in Your Business and Life”, her Home Study Program “Inner Peace~ Eternal Prosperity: Harnessing the Power of your Breath,” and other products Krista teaches her students to strengthen their mind/body connection and tap into the power of the breath and wisdom of their body in order to reduce stress, increase focus and reach their highest level of Success.
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You can learn more about Krista’s programs at
Body Brilliance Entrepreneur Energy Coaching
64 Garden Ave. Perth, Ontario, Canada, K7H 3R5
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